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In as little as 10 weeks you will totally change your perspective on what's possible for you,  get rid of beliefs that prevent you from moving forward, and become ready to go for that dream!

Eight weeks of coaching,  mentoring,  and lots of subconscious work will change your fear and anxiety into trust, ease, and excitement and allow you to step into the most empowered, positive, and confident version of you you've ever known.
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If you are dreaming of changing your life - personally or professionally but get paralyzed by fear, anxiety and all sorts of limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward, then it's time to get help.

10 weeks
to breakthrough

My Signature Program is designed to teach you how
to create long-lasting positive changes, regardless of external circumstances and how to put you at cause for your life, once and for all and now you can go through it in a private, VIP setting!


"Before working with Kasia I had many fears that prevented me from living a better life. I was trying to work them out by myself, but I couldn’t get rid of them, despite the efforts.

Talking to Kasia is so easy, as if we are on the same wave. After working together, all my fears disappeared. I feel much lighter and happier. I see how the Universe reacted to that. It started showing more opportunities, new people, gifts. I was stuck, and now I am on another level.

It’s amazing how your fear can disappear with the right words from an experienced person, who can easily read you.

Thank you so much, Kasia! The Universe sent you to me when I really needed it. I am so grateful for your help!"

Anastasya, New Zealand

"I contacted Kasia because a very personal issue that was making me feel unhappy and suffocating, unable to enjoy my life. I had some blocks addressing it, but decided not to wait anymore.

Kasia's straight but loving questions made me think and get to the core, finding the answers. She saw right through me, like a brain surgeon, and pulled out what hurt me the most. A thing that I myself would not have the courage to look upon. As she shined the light on that specific issue, I felt that it is something that I can actually manage. Something that can be resolved. And I felt eager to reach the other side. To do the work. 

After working with Kasia, I felt that a rock had been lifted off my chest. I felt amazed over our talk imagining it to be great but not that BIG and immense as it had been. I felt excited to get on and deal with life as I have never done before. 

If you are thinking about working with Kasia, don't wait. There's a better life waiting for you!"

Sheyda, Sweden

"I was looking for guidance and support around entering the world of entrepreneurship and not feeling confident about myself, my knowledge, and my direction so I decided for a breakthrough session and it was phenomenal!

Kasia’s presence is warm, inviting, and safe. Within that safe container she used her expertise to guide the conversation in a way that really compelled me to be honest with myself, which ultimately led me toward identifying solutions and outcomes that were in alignment with what I was truly wanting. My breakthrough session was extremely valuable and I'm so grateful for her genuine approach and support.

My changes are slow and steady, but ultimately big and profound. Things are shifting dramatically and I am making what will ultimately wind up being quantum leaps!

The hypnosis is also a really special and powerful component of the breakthrough session and the fact that you then get to enhance the process of reprogramming your limiting beliefs using a CUSTOM hypnosis is incredible!"

Stephanie, China

what they're saying

Get ready for re-creating yourself, your habits, your and your stories - all to support your change and growth. 
Six months of support, mentorship, and regular sessions focused on who you need to become to get to where you are going.

Only for women who are committed, serious and READY to upgrade their life, in every way.

A special treat for you, if you are super serious about creating long-lasting changes in your life and need guidance, mentoring and accountability, PLUS all the amazing tools from my toolbox *

* VERY limited number of spots

6-months coaching
& mentoring


Learn how to change your life by changing the way you look at it (in the most powerful way).

Learn a technique to move out of anxiety, stress, fear, sadness, anger or doubt, in a matter of minutes.

Build up your confidence, self-worth and self-love

Get support from me and other amazing women like yourself, and much more!

I know that there are many amazing women who WANT TO change their life for better, but have no idea of where to start. Who FEEL that life should be more that what they are experiencing, but doubt in themselves and their abilities to create more than what they have. 

Don't miss this!

And if this is YOU, then I have a great news for you - you are NOT alone! And I won't leave you there, wanting more, yet feeling lost, and maybe even loosing hope that you could be, do, and have anything you want. That is why I created the Mind Your Happiness Club!

as soon as the door opens again

in the club you will:

You are ready to step out of victim mentality and get at cause for your life and happiness. 

You still believe that life must be more than you are experiencing, but don't know how to get there, as you lack the courage, strength, or trust in your abilities.  

You're ready to invest in you and in putting yourself first, as you re-create your life on new terms.

My programs are for you if...

My programs are not for you if...

You are looking for a quick-fix and are not willing to put in some time and effort to improve your life, for good.

You feel comfortable complaining, blaming others, or simply believe that all the reasons for your unhappiness are outside of yourself.

You honestly believe that you cannot intentionally create a better life and are ok with what you have.

You might not know it yet, but just the fact that you are reading these words means that you are special. The truth is, the absolute majority of people go through life without too much thinking, without asking, without reaching for more. That's why they don't get what they could, and don't create all that they came here to do.

But you are different. And you will get different results, because you want more from life. You search, you ask, and you get help when you need it.

I am truly looking forward to our time together!

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