If you’re like most women I work with, you want to learn about me before investing in yourself.

I am an always busy mom of three, a very happily married (third) wife of (my third) husband, animal lover (and ex-veterinarian), positive, optimistic, and open woman in peri-menopause, equipped with a sense of humor that allows me to move from discomfort to laughter, whenever needed.

I am so happy you stopped by! 

Hello and welcome,

My own story has MANY ups and downs and includes several major pivots - both personal and professional.

Still, after 2 divorces, moving countries to a very uncertain future with 3 children under the age of 8, changing career in the most unexpected and spectacular way, I managed to create a life of my dreams. 

Now, my life's purpose is to empower other women to do the same. Because I know, that you are never too old and it’s never too late for you to pivot towards what you TRULY want. 

Here is a bit of my story...

I am a certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, EFT and T.I.M.E Techniques practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with 
a huge heart eager to serve women on their way to creating a life they are FULLY satisfied with, with no exceptions.

And above all - I am a one of a kind, extraordinary woman, just like you...

My name is Kasia,

hey there!

I remember standing by the window in my lovely house, on a beautiful Danish island, looking at my small children playing in the garden under the supervision of their nanny, and feeling like a caged animal.
Back then no one would have guessed my thoughts.  

“What on earth am I doing here? How did it come so far? WTF is this movie that I happen to play in?
And why there’s no exit door?”    

Then, I mentally slapped myself and thought “It is what it is, so grow up and stop complaining! You created this life, now live it and stop being so damn ungrateful! So many people have it so much worse!”  

Have you ever felt this way?

More days went by. And months. And years. And everything was getting worse.  

I felt trapped in a marriage that was making me die inside, with no connection, no joy, and no chance for change.
Day and night I was dreaming of something and someone better but I saw no way to make those dreams come true.

I felt stuck with nowhere to turn. A second divorce? Because I FEEL unhappy? What a ridiculous, irresponsible idea!  

On the surface, it looked like I was having the perfect life. I was 34 years old, living in a beautiful house,
having an amazing job, and three healthy, beautiful children with a “nice guy”, and in-house nanny.  

All that should have made me happy. But inside, I was dying.  

That beautiful island was making me sick, the unfulfilling marriage (with alcohol issues in the background)
was making me cry myself to sleep, and the guilt of not being a mom I knew my children needed was unbearable.  

And then, one day I decided to change it and choose ME.  

I finally understood that only I had the power to do it. And that it was me that was holding myself back, all along.
Through my deeply stored subconscious beliefs that I wasn't deserving, worthy and capable of creating a change.  

Fast forward to now, 8 years later...

I am the most happy I’ve ever been, living my dharma, married to my twin flame, living in a big city in a different country, showing my children that the only way to own your happiness is to understand that you are at cause for your life and act accordingly.  

Today I work with women from all around the world, helping them do the same - get ownership of their life, regardless of how many "mistakes" and bad decisions they have made in the past, their upbringing, or social pressure.

After changing my career once (very successfully), I decided to do it again and became certified Life & Success Coach, NLP, EFT and T.I.M.E. Techniques Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.  

My life-experiences and unique skills allow me to help women just like you create fast, empowering shifts in the subconscious mind, that make creating much better lives so much easier!

I am so happy to have you here!

why i want to help you

My Story

I look forward to helping you move from fear to excitement and from doubt to empowerment,
because I know how it's done - both from my own experience and from the aspect of brain-science .

if you want a better life
(and what to say instead)

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Facts about me

My favorite weekend activity

Long mornings in bed and late
family breakfasts

I am really good at

Interior styling and photography

I suck at

Anything that has to do with hair styling 

things I love

Good, black coffee

Scandinavian Movies

Foot massage

words i live by

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve.”
— Mary Kay Ash 

You might not know that yet, but you have the power that is much stronger than you can imagine. You just need to learn how to use it to your benefit and how to make your mind your ally.

In our time together you will discover how the new, empowering  beliefs, combined with being at cause for your life and happiness, will transform you and your world.  And start the ripple effect  - helping those you love.

To be honest, I am already excited for your journey!

I am here to believe in you, before you can believe in yourself.

I know that life gets complicated and we all have a lot on our plates. That is why, one of my main priorities is to make our time together something you are truly looking forward to.

We are privileged to be living in amazing times, and it is easy to communicate with the speed of light, regardless of where we are in the world. 

All my coaching can easily be conducted online, the only thing you need is a device with internet access and headphones.

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I have ever received from one of my coaches was
"allow things to be easy".
And that's exactly how I want this to feel for you.


Ready to get started ?

Week by week, you get rid of limiting beliefs and rewrite all the stories that have been keeping you stuck, worried, and playing small
to finally step into
your most confident, empowered, and fulfilled self, with ease.

you create a life
beyond what you thought was possible


When you decide to book a call and if we decide to work together, during our conversation or shortly after, 
we start with the solution that works best for you, in your particular moment in life.

we make a plan
that works for you


you learn about

...as you browse through services listed on the website.
Once you have an idea of what you would like to go for, we make time to find out what it is you truly need, and how I can help you move forward.

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